Real Estate Services - Sale & Rental

Our firm boasts property services and aims to make our clients’ property purchase a comfortable and informative experience. Our clients’ investment is our priority with our excellent customer service and friendly expertise.

We offer off plan property and luxury new developments as well as commercial projects in the most prestigious and sought after locations in Cyprus.  Our experts constantly analyse market trends to stay ahead of the property curve and offer property and investments with view to maximizing clients returns.

We understand that making a property or investment purchase in a new territory requires you to take savvy and informed decisions and must not be taken lightly.

Our aim is to instill confidence, so that our clients can rest assured that they are making a wise choices and a good investment that meets their specific needs by managing the whole step by step process for them swiftly and professionally.

With an experienced, friendly team of property experts who can assist our clients with the property of their choice and to their specification, Halios Capital is committed to ensuring that clients acquire property or investments of their choice and of good value. 

Our service also includes property lawyers who provide additional due diligence and  legal advice,  representing the interest of the client, with their property purchases and rentals, as well as regulatory due diligence, including the property title searches, the deed of sale or contract of lease, applications for the permit required by foreigners to purchase property in Cyprus.

A fee estimate for property legal services can be provided upon request, this includes due diligence related work and search costs varying from property to property, including drafting and/or review of property acquisition and related agreements e.g. property management, and guarantee rental agreements.

Concierge services

We provide full relocation services, chargeable at €150 - €350 per hour according to priority, subject to any pre-agreed fees on request. Our Concierge Services Package indicated above covers up to 10 hours of work, including the following:

  • Flight, accommodation and dining arrangements;
  • Interpretation and translation services;
  • Real estate services;
  • Personalized guided tours and chauffeur services;
  • Hotel or serviced accommodation for your visit(s) to Cyprus;
  • Planning of social, philanthropic and personal activities before and during your stay in Cyprus;
  • Reservations of private aircraft and yacht charters;
  • Assistance with obtaining a Cypriot driving licence;
  • Obtaining a mobile telephone line, an internet connection;
  • Providing information & coordinating schooling, university education, medical and health professionals and clinics;
  • Legal assistance with the purchase of motor cars;
  • Applications for membership of gym and other professional and social clubs;
  • Engaging home helpers, nannies, cleaners and personal trainers.

Property Identification

We work with a wide network of reputable real estate agents in Cyprus offering a full spectrum of properties, both residential and commercial, new developments and off plan as well as luxury residence and commercial.

Our experts will work with clients, guiding them to their preferred property investment that specifically meets their needs and wants.

Once they have a clear view of their requirements, they will meet with their team to discuss the options available to them.

An itinerary will be set with viewing of various projects, ensuring that the client receives a range of choices.

Market Research & Evaluation

Our property experts will welcome their clients and define their specific requirements, informing them of the obstacles and market trends, so that the clients make an informed decision and a wise choice of investment. 

Feasibility studies and review of plans and permits

Our leading property professionals will advise the clients of all the due diligence procedures and conduct the relevant searches necessary and further advise the clients on property/investment acquisition.

Property Acquisition Services

Our extensive property management services take on the whole acquisition process from start to successful completion, making a complicated process simple through their legal and industry expertise, offering assistance in:

  • Due diligence;
  • Legal advice;
  • Land and property searches;
  • Contract of sale, title deeds, lease and other property documentation;
  • VAT registration and payments and Tax issues;
  • Stamp duty and stamping of sales agreements;
  • Depositing agreements with the Land Registry office;
  • Handling requests for property acquisition permission with the Council of Ministers of Cyprus;
  • Title deeds and transfers.


We are also able to assist with the purchase of home, motor and life insurance at preferential rates through our preferred partners.